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Social media advertising

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media channels to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Why outsource your social media marketing to KrabMedia? Our social media services help you increase brand awareness and achieve acquisitions, through targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Lijkt het je interessant om eens te sparren over jouw social media strategie? Laten we dan geheel coronaproof een online meeting inplannen! Vraag een offerte aan of mail ons via info@krabmedia.nl.

Upgrade your social media channels?

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Why social media marketing?

It is essential that businesses have a strong online presence and create an engagement strategy to ensure that they connect with their target audience. Like any other business activity, social media needs a good strategy. The power of social media lies in its infinite targeting options. Social media constructively supports your content marketing and conversion-oriented campaigns. 

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Outsource social advertising?

Paid ads on social media are a great way to reach new customers while reconnecting with existing ones, but only if done effectively! There are many social platforms, deciding where and how ads should be displayed makes it even more complex. With our knowledge and expertise, we are happy to help create effective social media ads.



Social media marketing channels

KrabMedia specializes in strategy and management of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Our team of social media experts tell the story of your brand in a creative way. We showcase your brand with catchy images and texts that connect with your target audience. 

Why outsource social media marketing to KrabMedia?

We get energy from pro-active thinking. Continuous optimization and contributing to sustainable growth. We think along with you about how social media can be used in an integrated way. In this way we achieve maximum impact through all channels that connect well with the online customer journey.

1. Introduction

Time for a first acquaintance. This can be by phone, video call or at our office in Amsterdam-West. Here we take a look at your wishes and goals. Time for the strategy session!

2. Objectives

During the strategy session we look at how we can achieve the objectives. We analyze your current social media channels, zoom in on your target group and see which channels fit your target group. Then we develop an appropriate social strategy.

3. Strategy

When we have a clear picture of who your organization is and what you want to achieve with the socials, it's time for our creative team to come up with a catchy strategy that fully fits both the company and your target audience.

4. Campaigns

Time to optimize your online presence and reach your target audience with your new social media strategy. We make sure everything is ready to go. Whether it's your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channel. Or all of them of course!

5. Distribution

We make sure that you can sit back and relax, while we reach your target audience with the social media posts, for the various channels. In addition, we provide active monitoring.


6. Reporting & Optimization

On the basis of monthly reports, we look together at how your goals are being achieved and optimize the campaigns where necessary.

Why outsource social media marketing to KrabMedia?

Setting up a proper social media marketing strategy involves a lot. At KrabMedia, we provide, among other things:

🦀 Analyzing existing social media accounts
🦀 Understanding target audience and customer journey
🦀 Creative concepts for marketing campaigns
🦀  Social media strategy
🦀  Research, analytics en reporting

More information? We are available daily from 08:00 - 22:00 on 085 303 76 27. Do you need help producing the content? Besides social media marketing, we also specialize in producing (video) content. Take a look at our other services!



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