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Timelapse video

Een timelapse is de ideale manier om een langdurig proces in enkele seconden te laten zien. KrabMedia is de specialist op het gebied van timelapse video’s. Wij maken timelapses voor onder andere SWATCH en de Rabobank. Een professionele timelapse kan je bijvoorbeeld laten maken van een:

🦀 Bouwtimelapse, een timelapse van een verbouwing
🦀 Timelapse van de opbouw van een evenement
🦀 Timelapse van een ander proces

Met onze timelapse service is het mogelijk om live te mee te kijken. Je ontvangt namelijk je eigen gepersonaliseerde dashboard, waar jij en de klant het proces online kunnen monitoren.



Also have a timelapse video made?


What is the cost of a timelapse?

Of course, an important question is what the cost of a timelapse video is. This depends entirely on your needs. What location? How many days, weeks, months or years? How many cameras are needed?  How often should we come by to clear the camera? Does the camera need to be moved in between? These are all factors that affect the cost. Want to know more about the cost of a timelapse video? Ask for a quation here.

Jouw timelapse in 6 stappen

1. Introduction

Time for an introduction!  This can be either by phone or at our office in Amsterdam-West. Here we look at your needs and the purpose of the timelapse video.

2. Installatie

After the introduction it is time to install the timelapse cameras. We will come and attach the cameras ourselves at your location, to capture the process in the best possible way.

3. Recordings

The timelapse cameras are installed and perfectly positioned. The shooting can begin!

4. Live meekijken

Once filming has begun, it is possible to monitor the cameras remotely and follow the process live.

5. Edit

When everything is captured, we come to collect the timelapse cameras and it's time for our editors to select the best images in which the most happens visually.


6. Delivery

Your timelapse video is ready! Time to upload the video and introduce people to your process.

Construction timelapse

En als je een langetermijnproject wil laten vastleggen, zoals een bouwproces, dan kan dat enkele maanden duren. In dat geval schieten we als het buiten licht is elke dag of elk uur een paar foto’s. Met onze waterbestendige camera’s kunnen wij foto’s en video’s in 6k maken en ’s nachts en overdag met vooraf ingestelde schema’s werken. Met timelapse video’s kan je processen laten zien die normaal met het blote oog niet waar te nemen zijn.

The timelapse videos of KrabMedia

The time we spend creating a timelapse or hyperlapse varies from a few minutes to weeks or months. For example, if you want to add some beautiful, sped-up images of the city or sky in a video, we can record that fairly quickly and take a picture every few seconds or minutes. If you want to have a construction process captured, it may take several months. In this case, we'll take one or two photos every day.


How long does it take to have a timelapse video made?

Time lapse

How long does creating a timelapse video take? This depends entirely on the duration of your project. Of course, one construction project or event takes longer than another. Once the entire project is captured, the video can be delivered by us within one to a few days with beautiful matching music. It is possible to receive an edit every month to share the progress on, for example, social media.

Why have your timelapse created by KrabMedia?

A perfect time lapse requires clear communication. We like short lines of communication so we can move quickly. In addition, we are able to monitor the cameras for the best quality. Every project is unique. It is a challenge every time to make an original and high-quality time lapse, and we gladly accept that challenge!

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