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Timelapse video

For example, you can have a professional timelapse video made of a:

✅ Building timelapse, a timelapse of a remodel
✅ Timelapse of the construction of an event
✅ Timelapse of another process

A timelapse is the ideal way to show a lengthy process in a few seconds. KrabMedia is the specialist in the field of timelapse videos. We make timelapse and hyperlapse videos for SWATCH and the Rabobank, among others. There are many possibilities and we would like to help you with that. Contact us by phone or drop by for a cup of coffee so we can brainstorm together about your project.

Also have a timelapse video made?

Check out our timelapses

Timelapse Klimaatplafonds HC KP

For HC KP Climate Fund, we made a timelapse.

Timelapse Big Outdoor Media

We created a timelapse video for Big Outdoor Media.

Timelapse SWATCH

For Big Outdoor Media, we created multiple timelapses.

Timelapse Moco Museum

For Moco we developed a timelapse for the reopening.

How long does it take to have a timelapse video made?

Time lapse

How long does creating a timelapse video take? This depends entirely on the duration of your project. Of course, one construction project or event takes longer than another. Once the entire project is captured, the video can be delivered by us within one to a few days with beautiful matching music. It is possible to receive an edit every month to share the progress on, for example, social media.

Why have your timelapse created by KrabMedia?

A perfect time lapse requires clear communication. We like short lines of communication so we can move quickly. In addition, we are able to monitor the cameras for the best quality. Every project is unique. It is a challenge every time to make an original and high-quality time lapse, and we gladly accept that challenge!

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