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Video content for youth

Do you want to reach young people with video content? KrabMedia has years of experience in producing video content for young people. We produce promovideo’s, online series, educational content en instructional videos with and/or for children. We have been a proud partner of youth communication agency Young Crowds for years, producing video content for the Princes Christina Competition. Would you like more information about the production of video content for young people? Request a quote and receive a response within 24 hours.


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Teaching videos - Doing green in the classroom

In cooperation with Young Crowds and Flower Factory, we have developed a series of educationalteaching videos produced for the teaching package ‘Groen doen in de klas!’. Through thematic lessons focused on the four seasons, primary school children learn all about flowers and plants by getting involved with them in an active way.

Testimonials final Prinses Christina Concours

Commissioned by the Prinses Christina Concours, we administered 20 testimonials in the semi-finals of the PCC. Eventually we edited 7 testimonials to be used as the entry video for the national final.

Lesson videos on energy use

In collaboration with Young Crowds, we produced the educational videos for the 'Evonturiers' teaching package. The aim of this teaching package is to introduce children to energy and to take action to reduce their energy consumption together. Cast: Bente Fokkens IMDB

Testimonials comprehensive school Panta Rhei

Commissioned by the comprehensive school Panta Rhei we recorded 15 testimonials of former students. We did the casting and selected the best stories from a pool of 80 former students.

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