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Instructional video

When you commission an instructional video from KrabMedia, it is not only about visualization, but also about addressing the target audience with the goal of effective communication, after which the viewer knows what to do. This can be done for example by:

🦀  Een instructievideo van schermopnames
🦀  Animatie met uitleg
🦀  Handelingen door acteur

By having an instructional video made, you can not only instruct a large group of people at once, you can also use it to convey feeling and emotion. As a result, the information remains longer in the memory. Having an instructional film made by KrabMedia is the way to get your story/instruction across to the viewer.

Also have an instructional video made?


Mollie & Shopify instructional video

For Mollie we made an instructional video about Shopify.

Instructional video Nikon

We produce instructional videos for Nikon and NRC. This one for the NRC-fotowedstrijd.

Instructievideo Miele

Part of a 14-part instructional video series on the PG8581-91 of Miele.

Instructional video Nikon

For Nikon NL we have created an instructional video.


Overige instructievideo's

REBS instructional video

Part of e-learning package (40 videos) for Real Estate Business School (REBS)

Educational instruction video Flower Factory

For Flower Factory we created the educational videos made for the curriculum ‘Groen doen in de klas!’.

Instructional video Nikon

For Nikon we produce instructional videos every month.

Instructional video serie

In collaboration with Young Crowds we produced 6 teaching videos for the "Evontourists" curriculum.

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