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Instructional video

When you commission an instructional video from KrabMedia, it is not only about visualization, but also about addressing the target audience with the goal of effective communication, after which the viewer knows what to do. This can be done for example by:

🦀  Een instructievideo van schermopnames
🦀  Animatie met uitleg
🦀  Handelingen door acteur

By having an instructional video made, you can not only instruct a large group of people at once, you can also use it to convey feeling and emotion. As a result, the information remains longer in the memory. Having an instructional film made by KrabMedia is the way to get your story/instruction across to the viewer.


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Your instructional film in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time for a cup of coffee and a discussion about the message you want to convey with the instructional film. It is also important for us to get to know the organization better.

2. Concept

After the introduction, it is time for the concept phase of the instructional film. Here we determine the content and structure. We then incorporate this into a creative concept entirely in house style.

3. Script

After the concept phase, it's up to our writers to capture the message of the instructional video in an original way and in the right tone-of-voice, and to incorporate it into a script that resonates with your target audience.

4. Recordings

The day(s) it's all about. We come to your location to shoot the footage. Our film crew will skilfully visualize the script and take care of all the production.

5. Edit

Once back in the office, our editors are ready to receive and edit the best shots. Time for the sound design and any addition of animations.

6. Delivery

After the feedback is implemented, we deliver a custom instructional video perfectly. Time to show the viewer your story!

instructional video

Costs of making an instructional video

The cost of an instructional video is difficult to estimate in advance. Every instructional video is different and so are the costs. The costs depend on several factors such as: the location, the size of the crew, the number of shooting days and the length of the instruction video and editing. To keep a close eye on costs, we often produce multiple instructional videos in one day, so that the price per video remains very attractive.

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Making an instructional video

How long does the creation of an instructional video take? On average, we deliver an instructional video within one to two weeks. Sometimes an instructional video needs to be delivered quickly. We like short lines of communication, so when you need to act fast, there are lots of options. Want to know more about having an instructional video made for your company? Please contact us and together we will look at the possibilities.

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Why have an instructional video made?

Having an instructional video made helps to explain a complex subject and make it visual. With an instructional video, you bring the explanation of a particular topic or function into focus. A short, clear instructional video ensures that you explain something once and then use it for multiple purposes. For example, think of an instructional video about the functionalities of a mirrorless camera, an instructional video to explain a portal, a how-to video or manual video instead of a manual or guide.

Why have your instructional film made by KrabMedia?

Because we value good cooperation, we will work out a concept for the instructional videos based on your requirements. In doing so, we will take into account the specified requirements for the instructional videos, but we will also rely on our own expertise. After your feedback, we will develop a final script for all the instructional videos. Then we get to work, make a script, schedule a shooting day and film until the agreed number of videos are on it.



instructievideo miele

Important when creating your instructional video

It is important that the company's corporate identity is clearly reflected in the instructional video. Therefore, we ensure that the brand identity comes forward. In addition, we are analytically strong so we can quickly determine the core of the story/instruction. The instructional videos are edited in a creative way so that they appeal to the target audience.

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