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Educational video

Educational videos are videos that viewers play to learn something, such as: online lectures, video presentations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos. Sometimes they are part of entire teaching modules, other times they are stand-alone training videos. We are experienced in producing educational videos and have been doing so for years for the biggest brands such as: KPN, LOI and Stichting Leerplanontwikkeling

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Educational video Young Crowds

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Educational video Young Crowds

Your educational video in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time to get to know each other better with a nice cup of coffee. This way we get a better idea of the story behind your organization. This is the basis for a good educational video.

2. Concept

Once we have a clear picture of what you want to convey with the educational video, it's time to come up with a creative concept that matches it and conveys your message perfectly.

3. Script

The next step is to develop the concept into a script. When the script is ready, it's time for the most important day: the production day!

4. Recordings

The day has arrived where it's all about! We take the entire process off your hands so the person in front of the camera can focus on the content.

5. Edit

Everything has been captured, time for our editors to pick out the best quotes and make it into a catchy whole!

6. Delivery

After incorporating any feedback, we deliver the educational video in the correct style. Time to convince your target audience of your story!



The cost of having an educational video made?

The costs involved in an educational video are difficult to estimate in advance. There are several factors that influence the cost. Consider, for example, the number of videos, the location, size of the crew, the duration of the video and the editing time. To keep a close eye on costs, we often produce several videos in one day, so that the price per educational video remains very attractive. More information? Get in touch with us!


Why have an educational video made?

Educational institutions often use educational videos as part of both offline and online learning modules. But educational videos don't always have to be part of an entire module. Just look at all those tutorials people put on YouTube. These are often stand-alone videos that people put online to share their knowledge. The number of viewings of these tutorials proves that it is popular to gain knowledge through a video. The reason is that people like to learn something by imitating something. In addition, people prefer to watch a video rather than read an extensive text.

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Our approach to creating educational videos

At KrabMedia, we strive for a perfect first delivery of your educational video. Because there are so many different educational videos, we don't have a set method for this. We always look first at what kind of videos are best suited for which project. For example, we record offline presentations so that students can also view them online. Or explainer videos as part of a teaching module.

In addition to educational videos, we also make: timelapse videos instructional videos, animations, infographics, promotional videos and much more.


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