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Video campaigns

A video campaign often consists of multiple videos, which serve as unique content for your business. The campaign always has one main video, commercial of , on television or the Internet and generally lasts 1 to 3 minutes. You place this film on a platform where your target audience will sit quietly for your message. 

Creativity, usefulness, and generating interest are the main handles. After all, the goal is to get the videos viewed as often as possible, liked and shared. The development of the concept is therefore one of the most important phases of the production process. Only when all parties are enthusiastic about the concept, we get to work. 

Nikon upgrade to Z Campaign

Commissioned by Nikon, we developed the campaign to upgrade your camera system to the Z system. We handled the entire production process from initial idea to delivery.

Campaign Miele

Commissioned by Miele, we developed a campaign for the opening of a Miele experience center in Amsterdam. We provided the photography and video materials.


Campaign #ikzorg

Commissioned by Bersama Kuat, we created a number of social videos for the #ikzorg campaign to motivate young people to work in culture-specific care.


Cashback campaign Nikon EU

Commissioned by Nikon Europe, we produce CashBack snippets every six months that are used campaign-wide.


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