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Animated video

Want to have an animated video made by KrabMedia? We are an animation agency and make custom animated films, so anything goes. An animation movie is the ideal way to present your company, product or service in a creative way. We have been making animation videos for years for Nikon and the Fetim Group, among others. Want to know more about your animation video?

Cal us via 085 303 76 27. Prefer face-to-face contact? Drop by for a cup of coffee at our office in Amsterdam-West!

Want to have an animated video?

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Jouw animatievideo in 6 stappen

1. Introduction

Time to get to know each other better over a nice cup of coffee. This way, we get a better idea of your company, brand, product or service. This is fundamental for an animation film that fits the brand identity.

2. Concepting

When we have a clear picture of who the organisation is and what you want to achieve with the animation film, it is time for our creative team to come up with a catchy concept that fully fits the company, brand or product.

3. Script

When the concept is finished, it is time to convert it into a script. The script is fully in line with the corporate identity and your target group.

4. Storyboard

Time to get to work with pen and wireless mouse. Our animators bring the script to life in a storyboard.

5. Animating

After we have designed a storyboard, it is time to turn it into an animation video. By the way, animation images can also be combined with real images!


6. Distribution

The time has come to deliver your animation film. All feedback has been implemented. Time to convince your target group of your story!


Wat zijn de kosten van een animatievideo?

The costs of making an animated video vary per video. The price depends on your wishes. What kind of style do you choose? What is the length of the video? Do you use real images in combination with animation? Or do you want a 2D or 3D animated video?

Want to know more about the costs of your animation video? Ask for a offerte aan and receive a response within 24 hours.


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How long does it take to make an animated video?

Without the necessary information, it is difficult for us to estimate exactly how long it will take to make an animation video. Depending on your wishes, the animation video can be delivered within a few weeks. In a hurry? Contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

Why create an animated video?

Animated films are extremely suitable for explaining a complicated process in a simple manner, also called an explainemation. You can choose to have an entire animated film made, but you can also combine animations with real film images. This creates a playful and dynamic effect. Animation films come in different shapes and sizes and are therefore widely applicable. From whiteboard animation to character, to 2D animation video or 3D animation films.

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Why have your animated video made by KrabMedia?

Onze potloden zijn geslepen en onze animatoren staan klaar voor alle specifieke wensen. Wij zijn een ervaren animatiestudio gevestigd in Amsterdam-West. Bij KrabMedia brengen we jouw verhaal tot leven! Een animatiefilm produceren is een creatief proces. We bedenken een script, ontwikkelen een stijl en maken een storyboard. Vervolgens werken we alle illustraties digitaal uit, zodat deze tot leven komen. Dat heet ‘animeren’. Uiteraard zorgen we altijd voor een bijpassende voice-over stem en mooie muziek.

Naast animatievideo’s maken wij ook infographics, promotiefilms, bedrijfsfilms, instructiefilms en nog veel meer!

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Showreal Animatie

Logo animation creation

Logo animation videos. You often see them pass by without realising it. We usually incorporate them into a video, but you can also choose to have a logo animation made on its own. It's fun to place on social media or as a special element on a website.

Our logo animation videos are made by our animators. It seems very simple, but there is more work involved than you might think. This work is mainly in the concept phase. How do we make sure that a static logo becomes a cool mini animation? Of course, the logo itself is the basis for this. When the logo animation is part of the video, we usually come up with something ourselves. When it becomes a separate logo animation, we consult with the customer during the creative process. Only when the customer is completely happy, we actually start animating the logo.

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