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KrabMedia is an Amsterdam based creative media agency. We develop photo and video production campaigns for companies and organizations. We take care of the entire production process from the first idea to the delivery and distribution of the content.

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Video Production

Telling a good story so that your organisation's message gets across to your target group in the right way is incredibly important. We are analytically strong, which enables us to quickly determine the core of the story. This enables us to produce a visual story in a language that is understandable to the target group. We do this campaign moderately, by means of a series strategy with catchy stories in photo and video.

Will you also become one of our ambitious and enthusiastic clients? Come along for an interview and find out for yourself. The coffee is ready! KrabMedia is a video production company with years of experience in the field of video productions. Having a strong video production made ensures that you can optimally appeal to your target group and convince them of your message.


bedrijfsvideo laten maken

Digital Marketing

In addition to producing the video content, we are specialists in the field of digital advertising. We develop a customized marketing strategy for your company, so you can give your marketing a boost. Want to know more about our approach or are you curious about the latest marketing trends? Ask one of our marketing experts!

Outside of digital marketing, we also provide other services such as: corporate videos, instructional videos, timelapses, animations, promotional videos and much more!